By Marilyn Warda

Monthly Archives: August 2012

My book is done.  You witness a rapid mental and physical decline as Daniel walks aimlessly with his limbs flailing due to chorea, a wild dance-like gait.

Is there an actor who entertains the idea of playing this forty-year-young man, living amongst an octogenarian crowd in a Chicago nursing home?  He was just diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.

Book to movie couldn’t be more competitive. I need a film producer to take on the challenge of filming in Barranquitas, Venezuela, where American researchers have visited for over 30 years to bring blood and tissue samples back to the states. Determined to find a cure, they continue to venture to this place where 1 in every 10 inhabitants have a mutated gene and thus face an early death.  Pharmaceutical companies currently compete to advance RNAi (i for interference) to silence these deadly inherited genes that diminish brain cells.  Pitt, Wyle, Reeves, and Kutcher, let’s bring this topic to the big screen and address limitations of budget and science to find a cure.  The Randomness of Life is a compassionate, current, and controversial novel that for the first time raises awareness of gene silencing. My goal is to honor the victims and families that cope and hope each day of their lives.